Legal Case

There are no upcoming court dates at this time.

Despite being held in isolation Blue-Blocfor more than 500 days, Jessica Burlew has only recently received a plea agreement. The first ten months were spent waiting for the state to determine that she is competent to stand trial. She was determined to be competent on November 18th, 2014.

Although she was told that plea would be dropped to a negligent manslaughter charge, the plea Jessie received was for 2nd Degree Murder. She signed the plea on September 4th, 2015 and was sentenced to ten years without early release late October, 2015. Efforts were successful in raising money for a lawyer who agreed to take her case and file for post-conviction relief. More information on this may be found by clicking here.

 If you live in the Phoenix area, come to Jessie’s court dates! Supporters are encouraged to wear BLUE so that Jessie will know who is there for her. Some supporters even dye their hair blue. Join Jessie’s BLUE BLOC!


There are no upcoming court dates at this time.



4 thoughts on “Legal Case

  1. A suggestion would be to have a place where people can donate. I don’t see it on the website. Also your facebook page is down. What’s the status? Poor thing. They can really push you into agreeing to things especially if you are underage and autistic. You have a strong case. Know this and work with the lawyer. Don’t let anyone step over you. You can do it


    • There is a new fundraiser being launched soon. The facebook page is still active though, you can check it out at


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