Social Media Campaign

Share Jessie B’s story! No matter where you are, you can help us turn around the media narrative.

support jessie b with blue bloc images and bannes

Free Jessie B Blue Bloc Campaign

Add the Free Jessie B facebook page for the most current updates. Event pages are also posted for Jessica Burlew’s court dates, support events, and opportunities for community action. Share Jessie’s page to easily spread the word. Change your profile picture on court dates to join Jessie’s #bluebloc! Click here to check out the Free Jessie B facebook page.

digital free jessie b banner to give support while she awaits trial for the accidental death of jason ash

Free Jessie B Banner

Share the website, and add yourself as a follower at the bottom of the page. The more people visit this support page, the higher it rises in search engine results. Through the course of our support effort, the Free Jessie B site has risen to the first page of results on Google. Thank you all for helping spread the word!

make banners to suport the free jessie burlew campaign in Phoenix, Arizona

Free Jessie B Blue Bloc Banner

 Tell your friends about Jessie’s story on social media! Use the hashtags #freejessieb and #bluebloc to start a conversation or track updates on Jessie Burlew’s case. Share positive media stories. Create community with other Jessie supporters.

follow the Free Jessie B campaign on twitter for updates on her jail and trial status

Free Jessie B Twitter Account


As of April 2015, Jessica Burlew’s supporters have got a new twitter account! Add @Free_Jessie_B on twitter. Stay up to date on court days and news reports. Send us news reports you find about other juveniles in solitary, similar court cases, etc. We will be live tweeting during Jessie’s court dates and support events.

blog about jessica burlew while she awaits trial for the death of sexual predator jason ash

Blog about Jessica Burlew

Write about Jessie’s story on your blog! Add links to our Facebook page and support website to help more people connect to Jessie Burlew’s story and put pressure on the Maricopa County Attorney. Email your blog info to us at and we’ll share your article. Every posted story that carries Jessie’s side of the case helps!



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