Get Involved

 Write to Jessie!

We encourage you to send mail to Jessie to remind her of the outside support she has.
It can be as simple as a post card with a drawing on it!

Jessica Burlew 305151
ASPC-Perryville/Lumley Unit
P.O. Box 3300
Goodyear, AZ 85395

Also consider buying her something off her reading requests: Book Requests & Donations

   At this crucial point in her case, our main goals as Jessie’s support team are:

Offer as much comfort and support to Jessie as we can

Share her story

Promote positive media coverage

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Free Jessie B Banner

There are many ways that supporters can help with these goals:

 Some other great ways you can help Jessie B:

  • Jessie Burlew is only allowed 5 books at a time in her cell, but she loves to read! We are adding her requests on this page: Book Requests & Donations.
  • Follow our Facebook page so that you will be kept aware of all support events.
  • We are also selling ‘Free Jessie B’ shirts that you can wear to court dates and raise awareness of her case. 100% of proceeds go to Jessie Burlew’s book fund, commissary needs and phone/video visitation accounts to help her stay in touch with her family. Order your support shirt to help Free Jessie B here!


4 thoughts on “Get Involved

  1. I have known Jessica and her Mom for many years. I would be happy to help in any way. I have served as a formal support as well as a natural support. This is just plan wrong another child victim of a system that should protect her. I can not be in court tomorrow but will arrange time off next week. I may be able to swing by early for a bit. I would like to get a hold of her attorney I have information that could help.

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    • thanks, Teri – Jessie’s court hearings will be dragged out longer, so hopefully her attorney can give the case more time now. the next court event is another month away, trial most likely in July. Please stay tuned and contact the folks at with your offer to help and contact info. We can use it.


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